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Since developing the CattleMax software in 1999, Cattlesoft has helped farmers and ranchers in over 70 countries manage their herds, enabling them to save time, become better organized, and improve decision making.

Cattlesoft is the only company in the industry who provides ranchers with a complete, one-stop herd management solution using proven technologies from leading companies.

For animal identification and RFID, we have partnered with Allflex as a distributor of their ear tags, electronic id tags, and electronic readers.

For weighing, we have partnered with Tru-Test as a distributor of their weigh scale and RFID system.

Combining technologies from three proven companies offers the benefits of specialization while offering a one-stop solution.

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Proven Technologies from Leading Companies

Each of these companies is the leader in their field, and have years of experience and knowledge.

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Allflex Animal Identification

World’s No. 1 Livestock Identification System

Identifying cattle is the first step to management. Whether using only an ear tag or incorporating RFID for efficient cattle working, a good identification system is critical to success.

  • Custom-printed ear tags with your numbers, ranch name, and/or logo
  • Electronic ID (RFID) Tags and Readers
  • Matched Pair Tags (ear tag and matching electronic id tag)
  • Import EID tag numbers in to CattleMax software (some models)

Tru-Test Weigh Scales

Made to Measure

Weighing cattle provides a way to track how well an animal is growing. Many producers sell their cattle by-the-pound, so you need to know if your cattle are on track for their target weight.

  • Designed specifically for rugged conditions of livestock
  • Portable systems for alleys and permanent for under squeeze chutes
  • Track weight gain and ADG
  • Ensure accurate treatment dosages
  • Import weights in to CattleMax software (some models)



CattleMax software

Record Keeping That Works

CattleMax is a herd management software for commercial and registered operations. Access your records from any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

  • Track animal inventories and production histories
  • Maintain breeding and pregnancy data
  • Record key performance measurements
  • Manage herd health treatments
  • Keep up with cattle purchases and sales
  • Import and export records with your breed association (Registered Editions)

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